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Moon Water

Creating and using moon water but first what is Moon Water? Moon water is considered very magickal among witches. Used fo/ at a variety of times, with a variety of uses. It's magickal capabilities are endless, are really dependent on your knowledge and creativity. Moon water can be created with any water and absorb the energy of the moon during any phase. If you have watched any of the House of Witchcraft YouTube videos you know that as a crossroads witch we use what we have. So yes, any water will work.

Moon Water and the Phases of the Moon

Understanding how the phases of the moon influence your water is a great start if your are new to making Moon Water or exploring new ways of creating Moon Water. Here is a breakdown of different possible influences the moon may have during a certain phase. Again, these are just general options. This doesn't mean you can only create healing energies under one specific moon phase. Personally the moon itself is a create ball of healing that can be tapped into whenever you need it. And that the same for banishing, growth, etc. You have to do what feels right to you, in that moment. But generally the best results for specific intentions are in the picture below.

Creating Moon Water

Now that you have a general idea of what Moon Water is and how the phases of the moon influence the magickal capabilities of Moon Water, here is a simple way to make Moon Water.

Creating, making, using Moon Water is a process that is completely up to you. You can take the above simple steps and enhance it into 10+ more steps. You can add herbs, crystals, use specific water for specific purposes and so much more. Play around with it. Have fun with it. Not sure what you can do with Moon Water, check out 30+ Ways to Use Moon Water.

Let's us know what your favorite thing to do with Moon Water. Share in the comments or join the House of Witchcraft Virtual Coven. Can't wait to see y'all there.

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