Living on the Crossroads

 Once a witch, always a witch. It matters not the family, or the land born on but the spirit.  If you feel witchy, then you are witchy. To be a Witch is not to read a special book or stand in a special circle in a special way.  It is to ‘feel’ that special inside of you.


Words have a hard time conveying this.  How do you explain that you just ‘feel it’?  No one told you.  It wasn’t given a name.  When you stand in a grove of trees and the wind blows through you, breathing its energies into you.  You are a part of it, the wind; and it is a part of you.  It is in your spirit.  Or when you stand under the moonlight and the rays fill your insides with an un-named power.  A power that tells you that you are not alone.  That you are part of something... greater.  Something to be respected and honored.  Something that holds the secrets of the universe, if you are willing to listen.


House of Witchcraft is…

We are an American Witchcraft Tradition with roots starting in the mountains of Virginia by a talented folk magick healer at the turn of the 19th century (approx. 1904).  Each generation has added more depth and magick to our lineage.  Today we stand as testament to those folks who taught us that “Divinity is within” and gave us a solid foundation to benefit from all the magick in the crossroads.


Our magick is the magick of our ancestors.  We do not strive to re-create their moments, but to use them to inspire us to have our moments.   Just as they too looked to those before them, so do we.  This is our magickal circle-it’s a reflection of the past, while looking to the future, and standing in the present moment.


We are Witchery

Witchery- noun, verb, adjective. The creating of magick within ourselves by embracing the land we stand upon, giving honor to Ancestral realms, and developing a relationship with Divinity.


America is a global magickal crossroads.  For over 300 years, we have been sharing, using and teaching magick from all over the world.  


Witchery folks develop a highly personalized system of magick that works for them.  Your own personal recipe book, just like Grandma had.


Most Witchery types have already connected to themselves (you know you are a Witch) and the land, are doing some type of magick, and have no idea that there are other Witcheries all around the world.  No one told them they are Witchery, they have never heard that word before.  Instead they float between groups, covens and other magickal types trying to find the words that they can use to describe themselves.  Often times, getting very frustrated in the process, most just go home, shut the door, and do what feels right.  They call themselves Solitaire or Eclectic Witch, with no knowledge of the word Witchery.  Without a common word, they lose the ability to find others like them.


Folk magick (Hoodoo)>the working peoples’ magick> regular folks

Is universally found.

It is global, regional, cultural, personal.


Within the southeastern part of America where Hoodoo (folk magick) thrives, the Witchery folk found their word and the ability to find like-minded folk.  They were able to thrive quietly in the shadows along side the Obeah (African influenced magick) and Jesus magick (Christian mysticism/healing) folks of the region.  We all shopped at the only magick shop (botanica) for 100 miles in rural parts of the South.