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About House of Witchcraft

Living in the Crossroads


Welcome to the House of Witchcraft.

Welcome home!

The House of Witchcraft is a global crossroad tradition that recognizes all paths to divinity. 

Through honor, reference and respect, we accept, embrace and celebrate the magick of the crossroads. We are individuals of many paths who recognize that our traditions do not need to be identical to embrace the magick shared within the crossroads of all paths.

We are here to celebrate the diversity of paths, traditions and people that are drawn to the mysteries of life. We honor our loves, losses and loyalties. You are most welcome among us. If you feel called, join this community!

All paths lead to divinity and we are here to embrace the magick of that journey.

We recognize witchcraft as a word, a concept and a practice that spans time, space and culture. 

We honor and respect all paths to divinity as we endeavor in our spiritual journey through love, tolerance and compassion.

All paths have truth and we believe they need to co-exist in harmony. As global citizens and members of the witch community, we practice tolerance and acceptance of all people.

We are not a closed-door tradition, nor do we follow strict rules. Our only requirements are that you remain respectful of other traditions, respect yourself as an individual, give back to your community and support those you love. We will never tell you what to believe, how to worship, who to love or anything else that does not directly affect your life as a fellow human being.

We all have unique and beautiful beliefs, and it is important to never forget the love and respect you have for yourself, your family and friends. We look forward to embracing you as one of our sacred sisters or brothers.

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