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Crossroads Witchcraft

Crossroads Witchcraft: The Ingredients was written for anyone seeking the way of a Witch. Whether new to the path of crossroad magick or an experienced practitioner seeking depth in Traditional Witchcraft, this book completely covers what modern Witches today are doing. Within its’ pages is the wisdom of almost 100 years of magick done in America, with over 60 workings and 20 plus recipes for incenses and powders. Crossroads Witchcraft is a complete magickal Tradition that anyone may benefit from when Honor, Reverence, Respect are the guiding factors. 


"I love everything about this book, it was like the author was speaking directly to me, very personalized and fun read. Nothing boring or formal. Highly recommend even if you aren’t part of the Coven."


—  Setfinia, Great for a beginner witch

Meet The Author


Taren S.

Taren S stood in her first magickal circle at 17 yrs. old in the backwoods of North Carolina.  She was initiated High Priestess within American Witchcraft in 1995.  Along the East Coast, she has stood as HPS at many large festivals and gatherings.  In 2001, she stood as Raymond Buckland’s HPS at GoddessFest in New Orleans.  At Phoenix Phyre’14 she was HPS for the main ritual.  Her original coven has hived off several times since forming over 20 years ago.

More by Taren S.

Hoodoo in the Psalms

You are holding in your hands one of the most powerful grimoires for practicing the magick found in the Psalms. It contains over 160 complete and ready to use magickal workings for both the novice and the more experienced magickal folks to add to their personal libraries. From ancient texts long covered in dust, to the 19th century Marie Laveau, and the modern-day Doc Buzzard, Hoodoo in the Psalms offers magickal workings developed and used over a millennium for the modern conjurer to use today.

God's Magick

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Bag Yo' Mojo

What is a mojo bag? It is an amulet of sorts used in Hoodoo practices, a flannel bag containing one or more magickal items. Among the simplest and most effective methods for engaging magickal assistance is to carry a well-prepared mojo bag. In Hoodoo, where the use of mojo bags come from, the belief is more in the object and the Spirit resident within the herbs and roots, stones and bones, rather than within the person that put it together. Mojo bags are little magickal allies. Each is named, breathed to life and charged to work hard for you and only you. As you squeeze your mojo bag and call it by name, it quickly goes to work toward the goal for which it was created. Mojo bags can be created for love, money, luck, protection, domination, success, the possibilities are endless.

Traditional Mojo Bag Making & Recipes

Bag Yo Mojo.jpg

Dedicant's Handbook to Coven Life

This book is designed to give the 1st Year and a Day Dedicate Witch the necessary tools and knowledge to aid them in their decision to join a coven. Also includes a complete year and a day of shadow working, prompts for creating your magickal journey and requirements to join the coven.

House of Witchcraft

Dedicates Handbook.jpg

A Guide to Witches Season of the Dead

We need a time to mourn, celebrate, heal, learn from and with the Dead in our lives. We also need time to send healing energies for all of those recently passed and ask for gentle, safe journeys. We, Witches are all some type of a healer, whether for ourselves or others; let each Season of the Dead guide you in what is required in that moment. “The Dead” are, obviously, the spirits of deceased human beings, which are fantastic repositories of knowledge and power, especially those we are related to. 

House of Witchcraft


Magickal Herbal Teas & Incense Recipes

Incense enhances the flavor of tea by awakening the senses. It can provide a flavor counterpoint for tea. Beyond aesthetics, lighting incense can help to create the sense of a safe, purposeful, ritual space. In this way, incense can make a tea tasting instantly feel special. Taking the time to light a stick or coil of incense marks a moment in time as special and worth enjoying.

House of Witchcraft

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