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30 Ways to Use Moon Water

Okay, so you jumped in and created Moon Water! Now, what the heck are you going to do with it?! Here is a list we made at the House of Witchcraft. We hope it inspires you. Let's know your favorite ways to use Moon Water in the comment section.

  1. Add to your coffee or tea - by far the favorite!

  2. Drink it as is

  3. Water your plants

  4. Add to your bath

  5. Put in a spray bottle and spray cleanse

  6. Use in your mop buck or steamer

  7. Put in your iron to iron your clothes with

  8. Add to the washing machine

  9. Add to your diffuser

  10. Place in an ice tray with herbs

  11. Wash your hair with it

  12. Soak your feet in it, add herbs too

  13. Bong water - for our 420 witches ;)

  14. Add to cooking

  15. Use as an ingredient to make Florida water

  16. Fling it everywhere on everything - she wasn't wrong haha

  17. Bless your tools

  18. Use for ritual blessing

  19. Use for scared space cleansing

  20. Use as an offering

  21. Try water scrying with it

  22. Use to consecrate your tools

  23. Charge your crystals

  24. Give it to your pets to drink

  25. Spray it on people - please use with caution

  26. Anoint your money

  27. Wash your hands

  28. Use with other spells

  29. Activate a spell, poppet, item, etc.

  30. Place a small vial in your car

Not sure what moon water is or how to make it? Check out our moon water post. Have other ideas? Share below.

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