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The Crossroads is a state of being. Paying homage and recognizing this place where we meet our higher selves, deities and demons alike, we connect with the essence of magick itself. It is a state of mindfulness, where we are aware of all that is happening around us and within us. Crossroad Magick is about connection. 

This program is designed to help you connect with the magick of the crossroads through monthly lessons, spells and rituals, live QAs and more.


The Crossroad is a liminal space. It is like a doorway that is neither inside nor outside, but aware of both spaces in that moment. We all stand in our own personal crossroad created from our spirit within, our cultural and regional influences and the dirt we stand on. And through that magickal connection becomes the awareness of the global spiritual crossroads that we are connected to. 

To stand in the crossroads is to have a personal connection with divinity as you know it in this moment, a working relationship with ancestral and spirit realms, and a relationship with the dirt that you stand on physically, culturally, regionally and spiritually. This is the global crossroads that we all seek to stand upon magickally.


13 Moons are a year and a day. That is Mother Natures complete cycle through the seasons. This program allows you to explore the magick within you as each season changes. For some of us a year and a day may actually be longer than 13 moons. We need to experience the seasons a little longer and spend more time exploring. This program is designed to be a continuous lifelong journey, with each month offering something new to learn and explore.

13 is a powerful number in magick and has many correspondences. It is the number of transformation, change and new beginnings. It is a number that represents the shedding away of layers, bringing to light truth and self realization.

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