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Yule Ideas for the Solitary Witch

Yule is the time of year when winter begins to show its face. It usually falls around December 20-22, or between there and January 3. Yule celebrates the rebirth of the Oak King, who rules over summer, as the Holly King takes command over winter. Around this time frame, nature is slowing down for a long slumber, and just as we humans prepare for the holidays and a rest from our everyday hustle and bustle, so do the plants and animals continue to sleep. Yule is also celebrated as the longest night of the year – though at it's shortest around here – which means we move our celebrations from Mabon (Autumn Equinox) to the Winter Solstice.

If you're celebrating Yule as a solitary witch, meaning that there is no group of witches for you to celebrate with, it can be difficult knowing what to do. You don't want to just skip Yule all together or celebrate alone in your house, however. That doesn't sound like the best idea. Don't fret, though. There are several options for you to choose from when it comes to celebrating Yule as a solitary witch.

Option 1:

You can celebrate with your altar, of course. My favorite way of celebrating all the holidays is setting up a seasonal altar in my kitchen. Goes right in the center of the island or kitchen table and is pretty simple to make. Just grab a tray and dress it up however you like – just keep in mind that this is the season of rest and simplicity.

If you'd rather not set up an altar for Yule but still want to incorporate an aspect of Yule into your altar, I suggest taking a pinecone, or any kind of cone-shaped plant matter, to represent the Oak King. You can also sprinkle holly berries onto your altar to represent the Holly King. Fake holly is fine if you don't have access to real holly or have pets/kids. You can also add a bough of fresh pine to your altar.

Option 2:

Another option is to celebrate the solstice by crafting. Check out our Easy DIY Yule Craft to Celebrate Yule Witchy Style! or watch the YouTube Video.

Option 3:

You can also take your yule celebration outside. This can be as simple as bundling up and going for a walk or more elaborate. If you have a big enough yard, you could build a bonfire and set out chairs to gather around the fire with hot chocolate and candy canes. I'm sure most of us can remember doing this from our childhoods, right?!

Celebrating Yule doesn't have to be overly elaborate. This is a time of rest, so you want to keep it simple. You can read all about the lore, or just stick to celebrating the moment. Yule is a time for family, but if you are alone this year there's no need to worry. Just find what works best for you and have fun with it! Happy holidays everyone!

What do you like to do during yule? How will you be celebrating the season this year? Let us know in the comments!

Get more inspiration for celebrating Yule with the House of Witchcrafts Guide to Yule.

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