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Witchy Yule Tips and Ideas

Happy Yuletide Witches!

The crisp air is finally here and full of blessings for everyone. While the earth may be quiet she is still quite alive. Preparing for the gifts of spring, she sleeps preserving her warmth. Rejoice in her stillness as she is still giving us many gifts and blessings.

1. Decorate a Yule Log

A very traditional and easy way to celebrate Yule, especially since many of us are experiencing an extended shut down. Making your own Yule can be simple or very complex. Depends on what’s inspiring you. Traditionally a Yule log is created from a number of different kinds of trees (birch, oak, willow are a couple examples) and three holes are drilled into the top of it. The holes should be big enough for a pillar candle. You can anoint and decorate the candles and log. Just remember, you are throwing this onto a fire on winter solstice so be mindful of your situation. If you can’t do a full fire then you might want to do a cute little log.

2. Feed the Birds!

Probably my favorite because it’s so simple and rewarding. All you need is a pinecone, peanut butter and some bird seed. Roll the pinecone in peanut butter then in the bird seed and boom done! Hang outside and enjoy watching the birds eat.

Super easy and super yummy. Plus the birds will appreciate you and (warning) potentially other critters.

3. Create a Witch Ball Ornament

Another beautiful and simple way to celebrate the season and it goes great on your Christmas tree or hang anywhere you desire. If you are a US witch, Dollar Tree has DIY ornaments that come apart ;) fill it with herbs and items that represent your witch balls intention. Here is a simple Prosperity Witch Ball to inspire you:

Money / Prosperity Witch Ball


  • Rolled Up Money - whatever you can afford or would like to see multiplied

  • 3 Pennies

  • Cinnamon - can be a stick or powder

  • Bay Leaves - write your intent on the leaves and place in the ornament

  • Sage

Anoint and Dress:

  • Basil Oil

  • Green Ribbon

If you are feeling extra inspirational, take a blessed green candle and drip the wax onto the top of the ball to seal your intention.

Looking for more ideas? Check out Withchy Yule Tips and Ideas video.

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