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Witchy Wednesday Activity

Welcome to another Witchy Activity Wednesday! Every week, we post a new witchy activity for you to try out. This can be anything from writing prompts and spells, to rituals and meditations. Our goal is to provide you with some fun and easy ways to stay connected to your spirituality, and to help you on your witchy journey.

This week's activity is all about exploring magickal ingredients and their different uses. The only limitations we have on our magick are the ones we put on ourselves. There are many, many ways to expand your magick, but today we are going to discuss ways to do it using the elements. We are going to explain ways to work briefly within each element uniquely, and then also within ourselves. By unlocking different parts of ourselves, we empower ourselves and our magick. Step outside of the box and use your imagination --- our magick is only limited by our knowledge and imagination. Expand both and you'll expand your magick.

Today's activity is going to have us looking at ways to connect to your magick in unusual styles:

Elements: (Skipping fire because it is the most generalized when it comes to modern spellwork)

  • Air: Send messages to your ancestors by calling on wind and air to send your message. Alternatively, create an altar and call upon air when you need an extra push in life.

  • Water: Tossing things that no longer serve you into rivers or streams (Using eco-friendly representations so that you do not harm the environment). Let the water cleanse and release what you no longer want in your life.

  • Earth: Using flower or cornmeal, create a personal sigil and place it into the earth. Dance the sigil into the earth and let the element of earth guide you in your journey.


Push your body to your limit and then immediately jump into ritual. Use your increased heart-rate and the enlightened state one gets in at that point and use that energy towards your magickal desires.

Try to challenge yourself this Witchy Wednesday by performing magick in a way that is outside of the box. Post what you chose in the 13 Moons community forum and let's discover unique ways to live magickally.

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1 Comment

I love the flour/cornmeal and personal sigil idea. Very beautiful and inspiring, and also personal to one's self.

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