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Rebirth and Goodbye

Ostara is the moment of the year when we celebrate the rebirth of the sun and the light, the beginning of the new life and the spring. The cattle that have been given birth begin to be raised, as the calves have already been born and lactated at Imbolc. This year the spring equinox is on March 20th, and this is the first fest of the year celebrated outdoors, taking advantage of the good weather and the beauty of the blooming Nature.

As we are a part of Nature’s process, we can take part on this rebirth and let the growing fire empower us. Let the light grow inside you:

Concentrate and channel wasted energy

You can’t control everything, but you will always have options to choose by yourself. To leave the things you don’t want or don’t need anymore, imagine that you let flow all those thoughts in a white paper. Write on it feelings, names, or situations to leave them behind. It can be specific things, but if you just feel tired, lost, or don’t know what to throw away from your life, just write about that emptiness or displeasure. Whatever makes you feel stressed, heavy or confused, write about it. Visualize how that things follow throw your hand and transfer to the paper. It’s okay if you don’t feel that’s enough at that moment, it will he in the next step.

Free the wasted energy

When you already have written what you want to move away, burn it.

In this step you can be how creative you want. To celebrate, honor, and take advantage of Ostara, make a bonfire as big as you can. It can be actually a candle, but if is in your possibilities, make a good fire. Look how the paper burns, and visualize that fire burning inside you. You have that fire, and you can burn those things away. Concentrate in the process until you feel renew and strong. The result is better if you go outside and make it as a ritual, thanking to the spirit of the fire.

As this is a fest full of energy and life, you can make some cookies with flowers, refreshing drinks and invite people you love to share it with them. You can try to play some games with them, like dancing in the fire, playing music and singing out loud. You can do this alone, but it always feels better with good company. The idea is to call, to feel and to expand the energy that’s growing this equinox.

No matter if you are alone or in company. Feel free, free yourself with the fire as you can. Absorb the energy from the sun, touch the plants and the flowers. Dance, put your favorite music, sing, scream, and laugh. Making noise will drive away bad energies. See the sky and say thanks for the Life.

Enjoy the things you love from your present.

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