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New home blessing and protection working

Here are a few suggestions for creating a a protected and safe haven.

  • Spray entire house with magically infused water, for example a blessed full moon water, Florida Water, or sacred waters. Remember to get the doorway areas really good.

  • Create a protection sigil and write it on your front door with Dragon's blood oil. A good basic protection sigil is the first and last letters of your name placed on top of each other.

  • Put salt in the corners of all the rooms in your house and sprinkle along window seals. My favorite to use is Atlantic sea salt and I place three grains in all my corners. Black salt is also very common to use.

  • Use either Psalm 89 or Psalm 91 in a working. Both of these Psalms are really good for home protections. Remember to say it out loud and speak it into existence.

  • Plant Rosemary near your front door or the door that you use the most.

  • Bury a symbol of protection on the pathway or last step to your house.

Now remember the most important part is to feed it and keep it active. You may want to do this once a month or weekly or daily depending on how you're feeling about it. I really hope all of these suggestions help when wanting extra magical spiritual protection in your home.

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