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Let the Session of Spring Cleansing Begin!

Nature is in a moment of transition: the sprouts are in the womb’s Earth preparing to bloom, the ice begins to melt; and the sun, which at the winter solstice reached its furthest point from us, begins to return and to complete its cycle again. Little by little the light is gaining ground against ice and cold, so it’s the perfect time to gestate and sow, as to clean and purify.

If you think that spring still far away, and nostalgia and melancholy are beginning to win you over, don’t despair! We can dispel the sedentary lifestyle and the sadness that remains after a long winter.

Here are some things you can do:

Clean and organize your physical space

Put the things in their place, throw away what is no longer useful, or donate, sell and give away what you no longer use but can serve someone else. Make space in your environment and give place to new things that will come, don’t keep things "just in case", if it has already completed its cycle in your life, it’s time to leave it behind and welcome the things that will arrive during this new cycle. Physical order and cleanliness, such as getting rid of useless objects, will help your mental clarity.

Cleansing with fire in honor of the rebirth of the sun

To "help" or “guide” symbolically the entrance of light in the days to come, and to connect with nature and its energy, another thing we can do is to celebrate and honor the strength of the sun and the light.

Fire is a purifying element that can revitalize our energy. Use candles, incenses, or something that represents the fire like citrine quartz, tiger eye or whatever you prefer (as long as it's clean and charged) to pass it through your home, your room and/or your work space. Remember that corners and places with stacked objects are focal points for residual energies. You can also let consume a candle close to the window or in the center of the room with the intention of absorb the residual and bad energies.

Make offerings to your deities and ask for guidance

Before asking something, you can thank to your spiritual guides, deities, Mother Nature, or whatever you believe. Always be thankful with it. You can offer the things that gives the earth in this moment, like dairy products, milk, materials made of wool, or representations of animals such as cows and goats. Also, you can ask for guidance or good luck to take good decisions and to renew spiritually. Meditate with candles or with sunlight, if is close to nature even better. Connect with them, talk to what you feel closest to. Reconnect with your gods, guides, or nature will give you spiritual satisfaction, as to feel thankful with it.

Be creative! You can make flower water sprinkler to purify the space, put flowers on your altar, use your own artistic creations to represent nature and renew the energy of your space.

Don't underestimate your intuition and get down to it! What will you be doing to cleanse and prepare for spring?

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