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Intention: The Beginning of Manifestation

What precedes action, like movement and change, comes first from an intention. We usually need a motivation, even for the daily and little things. Having an intention is like making a promise to yourself, and in fact, the realization of it depends on how much you maintain and work to it. When you focus your mind and your actions with a certain purpose, your will hold on to it until it succeeds. People with determination and good concentration generally achieve their goals, unless they’re physically or mentally tired, or don’t feel sufficiently motivated or concentrated to achieve something. Sounds obvious, but some people laugh when we say that all your power comes from your mind.

It doesn’t have to do with our momentary state of mind or spontaneous feelings. The right way to establish an intention isn’t as rigid as it seems, but it’s necessary to clarify objectives, motives, and put the necessary concentration and work. What does strictly depend on is our decisions. It doesn’t mean that everything must have an absolute motive, but at least not contradict in your objectives. If you want money: don’t be lazy. If you want to travel: work for money. Determination is a balance between mind, body, and desires when they work together. Your emotions are important, the feelings are sudden and temporary, but emotions last longer. Your mental state, actions and emotions need to be in tune, that guarantee your focus and success. It’s then when we can begin to generate productive and concrete intentions and start the trip to materialize something.

The levels in which you could focus to set a strong intention are:

1. Mental: regarding to visualization, autosuggestion, and convincing.

You have to convince yourself that what you want or need is already there for you, as if it were a package that you have ordered and you’re sure that it will arrive. If you put a date and method to reach or receive it, better; but it has to be humanly possible. Anyways, what you have to achieve is a full mental state that fosters not only the necessary motivation, but also discipline, because if we only depend on motivation, we will never get anywhere.

There’s something important you have to keep in mind, thankfulness is always retrieved. Usually, when you are looking to attract or manifest, while exercise your intention, thankfulness is the key that opens the doors. The fullness and security that it will arrive has to be part of you. It’s not a forced feeling, isn’t a lie, it must be born of your interior. It’s easy to let yourself be carried away by the excuses and denial, but find a rational way for you to feel grateful and convinced that you will receive what you need.

2. Sensory: it involves your five senses. The best way to keep your mind is to give it physical stimuli as well.

Verbally, pronounce positive affirmations aloud, "I have ...", "I am ..."; write verses, and maybe memorize it. Visually, a lot of people makes vision boards or dream boards; make a collage with pictures of places, objects, things that represents what you will achieve and look at it every day. Sign a contract or a check made by you, draw the materialization of your desire. Stimulate your senses by applying creativity if you like it, and it’s useful to reduce stress.

Your senses and your mind are connected, so meditation is a widely used method to induce yourself into a trance and focus on your objectives. It also has benefits in the reduction of stress and improvement in concentration.

3. Physical: it’s about the work you do to achieve your goal.

Although there is the general idea of doing practical work, the situations around us can be quite varied. Sometimes you have to be creative to get ahead. Perhaps to emigrate you'll do jobs that you wouldn’t do in another condition, recover from illness requires accepting it and reducing stress or anxiety, leave an abusive family environment or cut toxic relationships implies getting away from it and avoiding contact with that people by yourself, or achieve your professional goals will probably take more time from work than rest. Anything needs your intention, on a practical level the decisions are made by you, and sometimes there will be necessary sacrifices.

Don’t let the hopelessness and exhaustion govern you, less when you feel it’s a difficult goal. It’s normal to feel frustrated or tired sometimes; temporary or spontaneous feelings shouldn’t scare you or make you feel that you have already knocked down all the intention work that you did. It’s more than being in a perennial trance, it’s like a deep conviction. As long as you are sure you will reach your purpose, a small imbalance won’t mean more than learning on the path.

It’s advisable not to do any kind of magical practice while you are in an overwhelmed mental state or in a weaker physical condition than usual (whether from depression, anxiety, to illness). So, if your case is that you want to improve your mental and/or physical state, you still have the same solution: first, accept your situation, and then convince yourself that you will be better, without fear or despair. Many times it’s not about eradicating the state we are in, as an innate condition, a disorder or disability, but changing our perspective, and finding a way to accept ourselves to turn a difficulty into an advantage, or at least take advantage of it for oneself. Your intention should be always to find a way to improve, and it’s not always about changing the physical but mental state. It’s usually recommended to do shadows work and go to therapy. It's okay to receive help to maintain a stable mind and acquire resilience, this helps in the process of reaching your objectives, accepting yourself, get rid of mental obstacles and even discover your own skills.

The path of materialization, from the moment you begin to manifest your intention and vibrate in tune with what you want, is about enjoying the trip. The more you suffer and desperate, the heavier will be the journey for you. Believe that it’s already close, that it’s already in your life, only that it hasn’t materialized in your present (yet). Like I said, there are always ups and downs, but you don't have to stay down. Bad moments are, also inevitable, necessary to learn how to live, and to understand. Appreciate the knowledge, the growth, and the strength. By last, remember you can’t control everything, don’t try to change others, sometimes not even the environment you are. Sometimes you have just to leave, or learn to accept, let go and forgive. Don’t waste time and energy, take action for your own good. You have the necessary intelligence and ability, human power is infinite.

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