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How to Make a Spell Jar

A spell jar, as its name implies, is a small glass jar in which you put several elements that, combined, have a specific purpose. It is usually a glass ja and it can be covered with metal or cork lids. Common purposes for these spell jars are usually protection, or attracting things into your life as well. In order to do a spell jar, you need to have a specific purpose, but there are many ways to do it and it depends on the practice of each person, their knowledge, experience, and also their creativity. It can be as simple or as complex as it seems to you. Here you are free to apply the themes you know the most, in plants, crystals, or sigils.

But why to make a spell jar? What is different and attractive about this method is that, compared to other protection spells, this one is usually more durable. Spells are generally performed to protect you in the moment, like the circle when performing a ritual, which closes at the beginning and opens at the end; others have a specific purpose and it’s finished once the objective ends, but the spell jar is a bit more permanent, although it must be renewed from time to time as well, but the time will depend on your intuition or the materials you use. It’s better not to use elements that neutralize each other inside the jar, for that you must know the properties of each thing you will use. Below is how to make a protection spell jar.

You’ll need:

Use a jar that you can close hermetically, it can be a recycled container or you can buy it. It's preferable that it be made of glass, but it could be made of another ecological material such as wood, or bamboo and can be closed well. The size depends on your taste, there are people who prefer to carry a small bottle to wear around their neck as a necklace, and others prefer a larger one to hide or bury it underground. It depends on your purpose: if it’s to protect yourself from evil, it would be better to bury it where no one will see it; if it’s to attract abundance into your life, it might be better to take it with you everywhere.

For the base of the jar, you will need elements that hurt to cause damage and pain, such as pieces of cut can, sharp or rusty nails, blades, pins and needles, sharp and broken things to ward off, cut and undo the negative energy that wants to approach you.

Then you will need something where the energy gets stuck and stops, such as sponges, thick or thin threads, wires, little stones, you can also use small springs (like from the pens that you no longer use) to bounce them back to where they came from, in order to delay them if they want to approach to you. You can instead use other elements to purify and protect yourself, such as eggshells, salt (or black salt), garlic, lemon, vinegar, rosemary, sage. Also crystals, such as obsidian or quartz with the intention of purifying what is close to you or to protect you; or a plant of your choice.

Then, decide the purpose of your jar. If you are a person who likes to work with the ancestors, with the spirits, who likes the necromancy, invocations and divination, you should have a protection method more durable. Or if you think that there is someone hexing or cursing you, someone who’s trying to hurt you or there are toxic people in your life, it is also the best option. A jar of protection is a spell that will cover your back, as long as you apply the correct intention to it. On the other hand, if you are at a decisive moment in your life, where you want to improve and need a boost to get ahead while protecting your back, you can do it with the purpose of keeping that goal in your present to achieve it as soon as possible in your life. Then you should do a "thematic" spell jar, so that this purpose remains present and you carry it out soon.

Once you decided this, to protect yourself will use something that represents you, you’ll need something of your body, like your urine, blood, saliva, hairs, nails, skin. Whatever, as long as you can get it without doing too much harm and don't feel uncomfortable, so that all of the top represents what the path protects against bad energies; or, in case you decided to attract something, you can put objects that symbolize what you want to attract, you can put a sigil for prosperity and money, use laurel for abundance or wishes, or basil also for good luck and fortune, or a crystal as citrine quartz for money. And, at the end, you’ll need a black candle, preferably, although it can be white, or the color that suits your needs.

Then, follow these steps:

1. Clean the jar and the materials

Clean everything you will use, first wash the container and clean it energetically with incense, you can use sage, rosemary, or palo santo incense; if you don't like incenses, it’s also an option to use the sound of bells or Tibetan bowls, although it’s less common. Also clean energetically the unnatural materials that you will use (basically, everything except plants) once you have physically cleaned them as well. To each thing that you will use, put the intention. Each object has a unique and specific purpose, so you must assign it to them. That will make the spell more powerful.

2. Put in the base the things that will repel and drive away bad energies

The first thing you are going to place are the objects that hurt. You can put one three times: take three handfuls of pins and place them successively inside the container. Or you can take a bit of three different objects, and place them inside the container. Every time you insert them, think about the damage they do to anything harmful that seeks to hurt you. I personally like to use broken glass with the intention of cutting through the negative energy or little mirrors (not broken) to reflect negative energy away.

3. Put the things to entangle/stop and purify that energy

The intention of these objects must be that, the energy that has been able to survive the previous damage, must be retained and stopped in a purification filter. Visualize that everything that reaches that point, where you have placed, for example, rocks, threads, and salt, everything will be stagnant and will be purified, nothing will pass from there with negative power

4. Put the things to protect yourself

Now insert the elements with the purpose of protecting you. Use the plant or the crystal of your preference, once you have cleaned it. Previously to this, you could have meditated with it, or also you could have made and charged a sigil with this purpose. Anything that you want to use for this step, it has to be previously prepared and now that you insert it into the jar you must remember that intention, and evoke the feeling of tranquility and protection that this element provides to you.

5. Put on the top the final element

Now, to protect yourself from everything that has the minimal negative intention towards you, put the things that identify you. This is yourself, and you have to feel that everything you have put in before are a shield that protects you from every attack.

Or in case you need the extra boost to attract something to your life, put elements that symbolize what you want, it can be sigils with this specific intention, or plants, or crystals, even photos or anything that refers to what you need or want, always with the feeling that this is already assured. Don’t think of what you want from need and lack, think about it as something that comes to you and that you wait patiently, think about it as if it were already in your life. With that feeling you can also put a plant or a spell for wishes, but always something that refers to what you will attract into your life, the more specific the better. And also, with the peace of mind that nothing will prevent that purpose.

6. Close and seal it

Finally, you must close the jar and light a candle. You can put a specific intention to this candle, such as to protection, but in case you’re looking to attract something else, use the color that suits you best, you can put your name and the intention you want, or also a symbol, a sigil, or just a spell (instead of writing, you can also pronounce it). Once you've carved or written it with a marker, put it on top of the jar (being careful not to drop it, you must find a way to secure it) and let it melt.

You can also simply light the candle and pour the wax over the jar, not letting it burn out completely, but covering it just enough. Preferably, the wax covers the entire container, so that what is inside is not visible, to guarantee complete protection. If you like, you can add the ritual character to this spell, such as performing it on a full moon night, but it should always be when you feel most comfortable.

And now you have your spell jar. Do with it what you think is best, whether to take it with you or hide it, but don’t open it until you feel that you must renew it. It’s also valid to do several spell jars, each with a different intentions.

And here is a Printable BOS page for you to document your spell jar :) hope you all enjoy.

BOS Spell Jar Page
Download PDF • 282KB

Do you have a favorite spell jar recipe? Or curious on how to make a specific one? Ask away.

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I like to bury them to ground the intention of growing the thing that I want to change or throw them into a river to send it away...I rarely put them in the fire. I think that happens too fast and they get over it too quickly. That's only my opinion in my experience. I do keep a dark garden so I know where they are. Attraction spells I like to build a little shrine for. I'll keep the candles burning I'll keep feeding it. Once I get what I've asked for I'll bury it in the ground with an offering of gratitude.



Was reading a while back , that at one time , jars were made my the mundane to keep witches away lol



Still have my first one I made almost two years ago.

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