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5 Common Herbs You Can Find In Your Kitchen and Their Magickal Properties

Updated: 5 days ago

If you've ever wanted to dabble in herb magick or expand your spell craft, but didn't know where to start, these 5 common herbs found in your kitchen might be able to help. From basil for good fortune and protection, to thyme for love and purification, these herbs can be used in a variety of ways for various intents. You may not have known that some of these plants have been used by witches for centuries for their magickal properties. Here are some ways to use them for your own purposes.


I have two basil plants in my garden that I keep watered regularly throughout the growing season. Basil is a member of the mint family, and has many magickal uses. Basil is considered to be a Venus-in-youth herb because of the flower's long bracts. According to Pagan Peace Love and Light, this herb is known for its healing properties. It's also known for its protection from the influence of dark energies, because basil is known as a shield plant. [How to Make a Crystal Carafe ] Leaves While basil has been known to repel evil spirits and negative energies since ancient times, its leaf is also used to heal wounds. In ancient Egypt, it was thought to have medicinal properties that prevented the spread of disease. Basil leaves have been used to ease asthma and bronchitis.


Thyme is a potent herb used by witches for love, purification, protection, and enlightenment. It is also used to purify the area where the plant grows. A few ways to use thyme: Boil thyme in water and steep for one minute to make a tea to apply topically for digestive issues. Mix the tea with orange juice and drink after a meal to aid in digestion and detoxification. Add thyme to a cooking oil and massage it into the skin for healing purposes, or while taking a bath. Add 1/2 teaspoon of thyme to a cup of herbal tea, and add 1/4 teaspoon of dried thyme for the best results. Soak thyme in hot water and put it in a metal or glass bottle and keep it in a cool, dark place. The energy and oils from thyme will remain in the bottle and be used for psychic protection.


Rosemary is perhaps the most well-known herb when it comes to magick and is traditionally used by Wiccans for protection and love. What makes rosemary such a powerful herb, is that it is able to root itself in the ground, yet grows back quickly as a fresh plant. You can use this plant to invigorate the soil in your yard. This will cause the earth to get a fresh feel after the winter months. You can plant rosemary next to your garden, in a pot in your home, or even in your car. Rosemary will help to deter pests and pests you may have encountered, making you feel safe again after a stressful season. Basil Basil is a popular herb, and may be a part of the diet of many people around the world. This herb is used to heal and to ward off evil spirits and sickness.


Though sage may not seem obvious in terms of what herbs have been used for magick, it's actually one of the most known and used herbs for working with the elements. Sage is known as a mutilator of the energies of fire and water, which makes sense considering the sage's potent purifying properties. It can help remove negative energy and cleanses our spaces of evil spirits, so why not get a few sprigs for protection and energy? Sage can also be added to food for protection. Add a handful of dried sage to your dinner, use it to season rice or beans, or use it as an herb tea. Rosemary One of the most famous plants in the world, rosemary has a reputation as being a grounding herb.


Lavender is a popular herb for anything from lightening your mood, to making you feel refreshed, to healing wounds, to balancing the chakras and more. This versatile plant has been used by witches for centuries for its incredible beauty, scent, and healing properties. You can put it in lavender teas, cook with it, make lavender honey, or brew it into oils. Basil Basil is an herb often referred to as the "miracle herb." Witches have used it for its protective properties for years, not just in certain healing ways. Whether you want to ward off evil, or strengthen your love, basil can help. Try mixing basil into pesto, pesto into spaghetti sauce, or pesto into your morning omelet. Basil is delicious and, with its spicy scent, can be used in almost any recipe.


There are several herbs that can be used for practical magick, and it's up to you how you choose to use them. You may decide that you only want to utilize their beneficial properties and leave the rest in the wild. Or, if you're the more adventurous sort, you may choose to forage for these plants yourself. Either way, magick can definitely be found in nature. So, what herbs do you like to work with?

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2 commenti

17 ago 2021

Being of Italian upbringing, I love me some basil and oregano and of course garlic in my meals but for my daily treat for myself and peace of mind is my lavender and lemon balm in my garden

Mi piace

07 ago 2021

I love working with Rosemary and Basil. I put Rosemary in almost everything.

Mi piace
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