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Happy New Year and Many Blessings for 2021

Blessing witches and happy 2021. I know, I know… let’s all enter 2021 in bubble wrap and caution tape. Okay, that might be a bit extreme but from personal experience a little bit of bubble wrap might be a good idea. While 2020 was a rollercoaster, I found it to be a well balanced (good and bad) rollercoaster. There was quite a bit of setbacks but also a lot of growth and opportunity took place for me and several of the cottage and House of Witchcraft witches. I think that is reasonably so. One witch was out of work for several weeks but now has her own thriving business. Another witch received a random check in the mail just in time to pay her bills because we all had no idea when we or if we would ever get a stimulus check. Another started a new job in a more secure and safe environment allowing her to leave her at the time toxic work environment. And personally, it allowed me to connect with you all in a way I never imagined. It allowed me to create a virtual community and connect our magick crossroads despite social distancing and/or physical location.

2020 has left an immense amount of learnings, but the cycle still needs to take one more turn. As winter perishes, spring waits to bloom. The sun begins to illuminate the days, increasing with renewed strength, and we need to leave behind the negative and residual energies that are the traumatic aftermath of 2020. We need to prepare for the new beginnings that are just on the horizon and coming our way. Nature and her infinite wisdom remind us what to do: despite the hardest times, this is the moment to let go and receive the light of nature and the New Year. We need to take rest and renovate spirts but also let go of the things that no longer serve us. Say thank you for the lessons and accept the things you cannot change. To start your New Year here are two spells to use to leave behind and accept and open yourself to the blessings that come with a new year.

1. Leave Behind and Accept:

First, take a spiritual cleansing bath. This does not have to be fancy. Use your favorite bath bomb, incenses and clean your body with sea salt. Orange and tangerine are great to raise spirits and attract prosperity. Second, calm your mind and center your spirit, physically and mentally. Meditating is a great way to do this. Take a deep breath, in and out, quieting everything around you and in you.

After your bath prepare (make sure if you have supplies before your bath) for a little bit of spell work.

Sitting in front of a black candle (or white), take a piece of white paper and write and list out the things you want to say goodbye to, and the thing you can’t change (like a lost job, or a trouble family). It should be something that is affecting you in this moment of your life that you want to leave behind in 2020 and move past it in 2021. On a separate piece of paper do the same thing except this time list out the things you received in 2020 that you are thankful for having or receiving.

Using your candle burn the first piece of paper while visualizing all the things you wish to leave behind, letting them go as the paper goes ignites and the flame rises. Burn down to complete ash.

Grab ahold of your other piece of paper and begin to visualize. Acknowledge the things you have received and are accepting. In your minds eye see each blessing you are thankful and grateful for. While saying out loud the following, “I (your name) want to thank the (universe, divinity, god, goddess) for blessing me with (insert blessing) and helping me leave behind that which no longer serves me.

When you are finished, take the ashes of all the things you wish to leave behind in 2020 and flush them down the toilet. Place the other piece of paper on your altar for as long as needed.

2. A request for the New Year:

Place a white candle in front of a window to the east of your house. Write a request on a piece of paper, it can be for health, prosperity, or good luck, but try to be specific. Say out loud “I have/am ___, with the blessing of ____ (deity name / divinity)”, and burn the paper with the flame. Leave the candle close to the window to symbolize the new light that reigns in your house. Meditate in front of it for a few minutes visualizing that the light and the warmth of the candle spreads within you and around you. Leave it to burn or put the candle out and revisit at a later time to finish over the course of several days.


This year, 2021, is a year of expansion, use this to your advantage. The things that you don’t need are going to leave when you decide, and the things that have gone away unexpectedly are giving you a chance to learn something new. Everything transforms, we can’t change the past but we can leave it behind what no longer serves and accept blessings in their place. The things (people, jobs, ect.) who left are still with you in another way, and can now be filled with good blessings and opportunities. A New Year is a great time to be creative. It is an opportunity to turn anything into something better. Yes, we can do that any day, but a New Year is a great time to set those intentions and goals. Be sure to subscribe for updates. Over the next couple of weeks we will be focusing on preparing and setting intentions.

Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed year.

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