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Curse Blessings

Curse blessings are something that the witches here at the House of Witchcraft, refer to as a little bit of encouragement to do better when you have been wronged by someone. In other words, it is our way of helping someone grow and learn from their wrongdoing on others. This came up in one of our witchy school Thursday discussions when one of the witches shared that when she has been wronged by say a friend, family member, coworker, that she plants them in her, “Idiot Garden.” Which all the witches, including myself, found extremely fascinating. We were all excited that we could plant our boss in our garden to encourage growth rather than cursing them or doing nothing at all. Most of the witches at the House of Witchcraft are not above cursing but it takes a lot for anyone of us to go to such links. Most of the time it just is not worth it. Hence our delight about the “Idiot Garden” and why we are calling this a curse blessing. I do want to be clear that curse blessing is not a technical term, it’s a term we have labeled here at the H.O.W. and wanted to share our moment with you.

Curses can be seen as controversial. Obviously, we shouldn’t seek to hurt others. Let’s be real, no good comes from wanting to hurt others. However, there is a thing called, “Righteous Vengeance.” I highly recommend and encourage you to look into it. When you have wrongfully been wronged you may seek righteous vengeance. Now, don’t go getting your panties in a wad thinking you can curse anyone because you believe you've been wronged. The keyword there is "believed". It would be highly naive to seek righteous vengeance because your neighbor’s dog pooped in your yard again. That’s called, “Karen Cursing.”

Here is a little curse blessing for a co-worker that has been causing you some trouble. Share your thoughts about curse blessings and results if you use the one below.

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