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Cord Cutting Ritual

As we move through our lives — growing, learning, evolving — we must necessarily let go of that which no longer serves us. When we let go, we create space. This space can now become the potential of a new and more happy possibility.

Cord cutting is a very effective form of energetic cleansing that is used to help separate yourself from toxic people and experiences from the past or present. Most Witches use cord cutting rituals to move on from breakups. If you think of the bonds and relationships and connections you have with the world around you as being energetic cords, cord cutting is cutting ties with people, places, or things that no longer serve you—or are actively harming you. It simply severs unhealthy ties between you and another person/situation; helping you to let go without directing any harm at anyone. The practice of cord cutting helps to recover energy that has been lost and to re-establish healthy energetic boundaries.

When we transition from one way of being to another, whether that is via relationship with another person or simply how we relate to life, it is necessary to let go of what is no longer helpful. In terms of relationship with others, we tend to hold onto much more than is healthy for us energetically, physically and even spiritually. Cutting energy cords helps us to move through the transition without the burden of carrying the weight of the past. It frees us to move forward with lightness and a sense of openness.

The practice is frequently used with relationships—platonic, romantic, or sexual, but you can harness it for addictions, fears, and other traumas that might be holding you back as well. Cord cutting requires self-reflection, honesty, and the willingness to take a scary leap that can help your life move on to healthier, more beautiful relationships.

While visualizations can be extremely powerful, it is sometimes helpful to use actual cords so you can see and hold them, and witness the process take place. Cord cutting can be done on an as-needed basis; while the waning phase of the moon is a great time to perform such working, it can be done anytime needed.

There are as many different cord cutting working/spells/rituals as there are magical folk. The best one to use is the working that resonates with you personally. It can be as simple as taking a piece of rope and cutting it while saying “I am done, this is no more”. Or it can be a full-blown elaborate ritual with all of the necessary props.

This cord cutting working is based on a very powerful folk spell called “The Knot of Nine”. Instead of knotting the rope nine times to aid in your manifestation, you will be cutting it 9 times to end the energetic ties that you are seeking release from.

Incense- Dragon’s Blood, crushed cloves optional (Ventilate!!! Open a window)

Approx. 2 ft of rope/string (natural, so will burn)

Fireproof cauldron or bowl

Athame/knife/scissors (some sort of cutting tool)

Start by visualizing/remembering the ties that you have to the person or the situation. Allow yourself to become emotional, to feel the pain and to feel the bonds that you have with this energy. Now as you are going through the working, “feel” each cut of the string. Feel yourself getting further away from that person or situation.

As you say each line, cut the rope.

By the cut of one, this working has begun,

by the cut of two, I say I am done with you,

by the cut of three, I will be free,

by the cut of four, this relationship will be no more,

by the cut of five, I feel my energies come alive,

by the cut is six, all that is mine will return in the twix

by the cut of seven, all of this will end,

by the cut of eight, on today’s date,

by the cut of nine, my life is mine.

Burn pieces in cauldron.

After you have finished, spend some time sitting in quiet meditation. Feel the energy that has been reclaimed and take the time needed to re-integrate.

Imagine yourself now being cloaked in a luminescent blanket of energetic protection. This coating of light is your energetic boundary. See and feel how this boundary helps you to maintain your highest level of energy. Intend that this boundary will remain in place as you step confidently forward into your day.

Watch the cord cutting video on YouTube -

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