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Color Magick

Have you ever heard about color magick? It is the use of colors in your everyday life for different purposes. Using color magick, one can change their emotions, thoughts, and/or feelings about something or someone else. What would be possible if you could control your feelings using colors? Maybe to control anxiety or depression? To calm yourself or feel in control? Also, it's just fun to see what different colors do to you. Can the color red make you happy or stressed? What about black or purple?

Color magick is different color therapy where a therapist (licensed) helps you using the power of colors. Color magick does not require special skills, only the knowledge of what colors do to you.

Color magick can be used in various ways, for example: you could paint your wall with a color that makes you feel good about yourself or to make yourself happy. Or maybe you are stressed out at work and want to calm down? Then you could use green on your desk, get a plant even a fake one can help. You can also use color magick to make someone feel a certain emotion.

Here is a list of ways to use color magick everyday!

  • Paint your wall or put up art that makes you feel good about yourself.

  • Wear colors that empower you. Want to feel creative? Wear yellow. Want to feel powerful? Wear purple.

  • Coloring! Grab your crayons and color! We have a wonderful witchy coloring book called The Crossroad Witches Adult Coloring Book. Check it out on Amazon.

  • Create a vision board with pictures of that things that make you happy and put it on your wall or desk. Fill the board with colors that inspire you.

  • Makeup. This is a great way to express ourselves as well as help us feel a certain way. Want to feel heard? Pop out that bright red lipstick.

Color magick can be used in various ways for different purposes. Learn about different colors and their meanings, but also learn how color affect you and what they mean for you. Just because yellow makes me feel creative doesn't mean it going to make you. Test it out for yourself.

Color Meanings and Symbolism

  • Red is a strong color that symbolizes love, passion, anger and power. It is also the color of blood which could be life or death.

  • Orange is about starting joy, happiness and warmth.

  • Yellow cheers you up when you are sad with its message of cheerfulness, energy and optimism.

  • Green brings about calmness, relaxation and balance. Green also brings you tranquility and rest.

  • Blue is a color that symbolizes power, success and calmness. Blue can also bring feelings of sadness or depression as well as coldness and distance!

  • Purple is color of mystery and magic. It's calming but can also be seen as self-indulgent and vain.

  • Black is the color of power and authority. It also brings about feelings of safety and protection.

  • White is often seen as pure, clean and innocent but it can also be used to represent age and death. White brings mental clarity when needed!

Colors have the power to affect you in different ways depending on your mood, feelings and thoughts. By knowing how colors affect your feelings you can use them in magick to help yourself or someone else change their mood.

Choosing colors for your clothes, makeup, wall paint and even creating vision boards has the same goal as color magick does - to bring about a specific felling or emotion. The only difference is applying the colors intentionally.

In the same way magick requires knowledge to be used in a correct way, you can color your world in a more effective and powerful way when you know how colors affect your feelings! If you want to change your mood from sad to happy quickly, there's no better approach than coloring. Give it a try and see the results first hand!

Let's say you're feeling sad and want to change your mood to feel happy. Grab some crayons of different colors and start coloring a picture of something that makes you happy, such as your pet! For example, yellow is known for cheerfulness so grab the yellow crayon and color this adorable picture of your dog!

Voila! If you want to feel happiness, perhaps this is the quickest way to do it. In modern society, we spend a lot of time inside, whether it's at work or at home. We need color to bring us joy and balance from our daily lives that consists purely of gray colors. By bringing color into our lives, we can improve our moods and bring more happiness to ourselves!

In addition to wearing certain colors that make you feel a certain way, you can also create your own luck with color magick. For example, if you want creativity or mental clarity, make a vision board of different colors such as red and purple because they are associated with creativity and mental clarity.

Next time you feel a little down or need help in a certain aspect of your life, try using color magick to attract good luck into your life! Remember that the more effort you put in, the better results you can achieve. Good luck!

What's your favorite color and why?

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2 kommenttia

29. marrask. 2021

I love green and It seems to be very mercurial. Reminding me of relaxing forests and dangerous swamps.


Autumn Stormcaller
Autumn Stormcaller
23. marrask. 2021

I really love to wear black as a protective color as for me it definitely wards off people around me

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