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5 Min Magick For The Busy Witch

You want to do magick, but you don't have the time. Your kids are yelling and the dog is barking and the water's boiling and you swear if there was a God he would strike down everyone with an ax that isn't your husband or wife right now.

This happens every day of my life and it's why I started writing about magick. Out of the chaos came order. This isn't just for busy witches though, it works for everyone. It helps you to get in touch with your true will and explore yourself on a more spiritual level. So if you don't have time then that's fine, but try doing the following things just for 5 minutes a day. It's okay if you do more, but the point is to get started. This isn't something that will take over your life or get in the way of your "real" goals for magick, it's just an added bonus that may help you find what you really want.

1. Light a candle. Any candle will do, and 5 minutes is all you really need. While you're doing this think about what candle color best suits your intentions. Green for money, red is passion, black is banishing negativity or bad habits, white for protection or healing. You can also use symbols that mean different things to you like four leaf clovers or stars on a wishing well that may help. Read more about candle magick here.

2. Add magick to your cooking. When you make meals for your family try adding something like basil or rosemary to it. If you don't like either of those then add sage, thyme, marjoram, coriander seed (cilantro), parsley, dill weed, oregano, chives; anything that you find appealing in the kitchen. If you aren't able to cook, don't worry! You can still add a little magick to your life by putting a bit of dried herb on top of your pizza or sprinkling it into a pot of marinara sauce. Italian food is the best prosperity food ;) but even some cinnamon in your coffee can go a long way.

3. Take deep breaths. This is perhaps the best way to ground yourself after a busy day. If you need an affirmation then say it with each breath (ex: I am safe, I am loved). You can also place your hand on your heart or lower stomach to make sure that you are breathing deeply enough. If you aren't breathing deeply enough try to expand your diaphragm when you breathe in. It should feel like there are balloons behind your ribs that are inflating with each breath.

4. Smudge yourself or another object in your home with a prayer to get rid of any lingering stagnant or negative energy. If you don't have a smudge stick you can also use salt water.Mix a pinch of salt with about a teaspoon of water and use it to wash down your altar or doorways.

5. Draw a symbol of your goal on paper then burn it in your cauldron or fire safe bowl. Helping you manifest your goal into reality. Simple spell that doesn’t require a lot of time. If you are looking for a job this is a great exercise that you can do everyday by writing, “I have my dream job.”

If you keep a dream journal, record your dreams immediately after waking up. This is a tried and true method of using dreams for divination or magick because it makes the subconscious mind less inhibited by everyday thoughts. If you don't have time to write in a normal journal then get an app that automatically records your dreams.

As I said before, this isn't just useful for busy witches. If you're a solitary then it's a way to get in touch with yourself since that's what magick is about anyway. If you have a group or coven then it can be a fun exercise where everyone shares their dreams and visions from the night before.

It's a way to get in touch with the subconscious mind, or at least that of your peers, and it can be very insightful.

What are you favorite ways to practice when you are busy?

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1 Comment

Daena Firebreath
Daena Firebreath
Oct 11, 2021

Love this. Magick is everywhere!

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