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Sigil Magick - Creating, Using and Activating Your Sigils

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Sigil Magick

“PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS!!! [Genie shrinks back into his lamp] Itty-bity living space."

Sigil Magick is a personal and simple form of magick. The symbols, shapes, and meanings are all representations of your intent and unique purpose. Giving them incredible power! They are quick to make, relatively easy to activate and can be used practically anywhere.

How To Make A Sigil

There is no definitive method for creating and designing a sigil. My personal method is not a traditional version but any method that allows you to place an intention into a symbol works. What you need to focus on is placing your intent into that symbol and as long as you feel that symbol has the power you want it to represent, it works. Take for example the pentagram or a cross. What do those symbols mean to you? It doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone. It means what you want it to mean. Good or bad. You gave it meaning and you gave it power. The same goes for creating your symbol for Sigil Magick. It can be unique and very personal. It’s up to you to decide how you want to create and manifest that. With that being said, there is very little that is set in stone about sigils.

Sigil magick comes from chaos magick. Meaning that it is experimental and can evolve very quickly. If you are the creative and imaginative type you are going to love creating sigils! If this is new and a bit foreign, this can seem very overwhelming. But the very nature of creating sigils is exciting! The options are endless. You get to define your experience and to create a sigil doesn’t require years of practice. It just requires a bit of creativity and tuning into yourself. Envisioning and placing your intent into a simple and single work of art.

Creating Your Sigil

For me, I like to work on my computer to create symbols using basic shapes. Others use pen and paper. Remember, sigil magick doesn’t have to be fancy and it doesn’t have to be pretty. As long as you feel it represents your intent, then it is right.

Here is the most popular method for creating a sigil. Remember this is YOUR symbol, so whatever feels right to you is how you should make your sigil.

Step 1: Write down your intent

No matter how you choose to design your sigil, you need to start here, with your intent. Your intent is the reason why you are creating this symbol and it is a representation of what you want. What do you want to create for yourself with this symbol? And remember to keep it simple. One intent per sigil. Phrase your intention in a way that speaks to you. It’s easiest to start your intention with something like:

  • I am

  • I want

  • I need

Step 2: Cross out letters

After you have your intention statement, cross out all the vowels and repeating letters. For example, if your intention statement is, “I am brave and strong,” you would then cross out all of the vowels, leaving you with, “ I M B R V N D S T R N G.” Then, remove any repeats, giving you, “I M B R V N D S T G.”

Step 3: Create your symbol

Using the letters “I M B R V N D S T G” rearrange the letter shapes into one condense shape. Here is mine:

And tada! You have created a sigil! Don’t worry if it isn’t elegant looking. Keeping playing with it until you like it. Create something that speaks to you. If you like it and you’re like, “wow, this is it.” Then you have created a sigil!

Using Your Sigil

Using your sigil is just as personal as creating it. But first, you need to activate it, bring it to life. Creating it helps activate it, but once it’s created you need to finish putting your intent into it and then use it. Again, this is personal. There is no wrong or right way to do this. After creating a sigil, I like to mediate it with it, place it on my altar and ask a deity or spirit to help with it. I engulf my intention into that symbol. If you want, you can dance with it, chant with it, whatever you want. This is yours. Some people like to create and destroy in the same setting. Burning, tearing or burying it to release their sigil to do its work. If you want, you can do both. I like to create, use, then destroy. By using, I mean placing my sigil in a place (mirror, candle, etc) to continue its purpose. If you do this, remember you need to care for your sigil, recharge it or release it or release and remake it. Don’t let your sigil set around collecting dust. No magick is good magick if it’s covered in dust.

10 Places to Put Your Sigil(s)

  1. Wallet - especially if it’s money or prosperity related. You can also add a drop of cinnamon essential oil inside your wallet to attract money.

  2. Mirror - great for glamour, confidence, self-love magick. Draw your sigil on your mirror and activate it. If you are doing self-love magick, activate it with a self-love ritual. Blare that music, pour that class of wine, light the candles and treat yourself. Here is an, “I am enough” sigil and self love ritual.

  3. Candle - Personally, candles are my go to for sigil magick because it’s easy to put your intent into a candle. Add a sigil to that and it’s even more powerful.

  4. Computer - Because I work from home and use a computer way more than I would really care to, I put a confidence and bravery sigil on my computer to empower me while working. If you are in school, putting a sigil on your computer for good grades would be useful.

  5. Phone - for you 21st century witches that embrace technology in your craft, placing a sigil on the back of your phone to ward off negative people/comments on social media isn’t a bad idea. If you’re an Instagram witch who uses their phone to capture all your magickal happenings a glamour sigil might be up your alley.

  6. Watch - Horrible at time, always late, maybe create and place a sigil to encourage being early.

  7. Notebooks - whether it’s your Book of Shadows (BOS), artbook or school/work notebook, placing a sigil to protect, encourage creativity, or enlighten (just to name a few) is great for your notebooks.

  8. Water Bottle - fitness motivation sigil anyone?

  9. Keychain - this is something that is typically on you a lot, right? So place a sigil on your keychain if you need that sigil to be with you constantly.

  10. Make-Up - let the creativity flow! Going to a party? Full moon ritual? Interview? Creating a sigil using make-up is great for temporary or periodically used sigils. You can draw for the public to see or put it in a more hidden space. I like to use temporary tattoo ink pens and draw sigils on my wrist or right at my hip bone so it’s hidden but I can see it for a reminder. I’ve actually received compliments over the years when doing this. People think it’s a cool tattoo and when they ask what it means I have a cool story. It means, “I am peaceful” or “I am confident and smart.” “I am enough.” etc.

Check out my, "Creating Sigil Magick Podcast" on our coven’s Patreon. Join our family and connect with other witches.

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Feb 05, 2021

I love that note about putting them on your water bottle. I'm going to be drinking up those good vibes and intentions! Thank you!


Apr 20, 2020

This was a fantastic read. Funny I was just talking to another witch yesterday about wanting a little information about sigil magick. Perfect read!

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