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Rite of Rebirth

In the natural cycles of life, we often encounter endings that pave the way for new beginnings. Just as the seasons transition from darkness to light, from death to rebirth, so too can we embrace the opportunity for personal evolution and growth.

The Rite of Rebirth invites you to journey within, acknowledging and releasing that which no longer serves you, and welcoming the blessings of renewal and transformation. Through the symbolism of the black candle representing death and release, and the white candle symbolizing renewal and rebirth, we honor the sacred dance of endings and beginnings in our lives.

In this ritual, you will connect with the elements, the energy of fire and salt, and your own reflection in the mirror, guiding you through a powerful process of shedding old patterns, beliefs, and limitations, and stepping into the light of your true potential.

May this ritual be a sacred space for introspection, healing, and empowerment as you embrace the cycles of death and rebirth with courage and grace. So mote it be.


  • A black candle

  • A white candle

  • A small bowl of salt

  • A mirror

  • A quiet, private space


  1. Begin by setting up your space, placing the black candle on your left and the white candle on your right. Place the bowl of salt in front of you, and position the mirror so you can see your reflection.

  2. Light the black candle, acknowledging its representation of death and release. Take a moment to honor the cycles of endings and transformations in your life, embracing the wisdom that comes from letting go.

  3. Gaze into the mirror and reflect on the aspects of yourself or your life that are ready to be released. Acknowledge any fears or doubts that arise, and offer them to the flame of the black candle as you visualize them dissolving into the ether.

  4. Take a pinch of salt from the bowl and sprinkle it over the flame of the black candle, symbolizing the purifying and protective energy of transformation. As you do so, affirm your willingness to release what no longer serves you and embrace the journey of rebirth.

  5. Once you feel a sense of completion with the black candle, extinguish it and light the white candle. As the flame flickers to life, feel the energy of renewal and rebirth washing over you.

  6. Gaze into the mirror once more, focusing on the radiant light of the white candle reflected in your eyes. Affirm your intentions for growth, evolution, and new beginnings, knowing that you are supported by the universe in your journey.

  7. Take a moment to bask in the glow of the white candle, feeling the warmth of its light infusing your being with vitality and strength. Know that you are ready to embrace the cycles of death and rebirth with courage and grace.

  8. Close the ritual by thanking the elements, the candles, and the mirror for their presence and guidance. Take a deep breath and release any remaining tension or resistance, knowing that you have cleared the way for transformation to unfold.

What else to do on this magickal full moon night?

Harnessing the energies of the 2024 April Scorpio Full Moon involves tapping into the transformative and intense vibrations associated with the sign of Scorpio. Here are some ways you can do this:

  1. Shadow Work: Use the introspective energy of the Scorpio Full Moon to delve deep into your subconscious mind and explore hidden emotions, fears, and desires. Engage in journaling, meditation, or therapy to confront and integrate your shadow aspects.

  2. Release and Let Go: Scorpio is associated with transformation and regeneration, making the Full Moon a potent time for releasing what no longer serves you. Perform rituals such as burning old letters, decluttering your space, or writing down negative patterns to let go of during this lunar phase.

  3. Embrace Passion: Scorpio is a passionate sign, so channel this energy into creative pursuits, intimate connections, or activities that ignite your soul. Engage in activities that make you feel alive and connected to your desires.

  4. Connect with Water: Scorpio is a water sign, so spending time near bodies of water like rivers, lakes, or the ocean can amplify the lunar energies. Take a soothing bath infused with essential oils or crystals to cleanse and recharge your energy.

  5. Explore Mysticism: Scorpio is drawn to the mystical and occult, making the Full Moon an ideal time for spiritual exploration. Practice divination methods such as tarot reading, astrology, or scrying to gain insights into your path and purpose.

  6. Express Gratitude: Scorpio energy encourages depth and authenticity, so take time to express gratitude for the blessings in your life. Write a gratitude list, create a gratitude altar, or simply reflect on the abundance that surrounds you.

  7. Set Intentions: Harness the transformative power of the Scorpio Full Moon by setting clear intentions for what you want to manifest in your life. Write down your goals and desires, infusing them with passion and determination.

  8. Connect with Others: Scorpio rules deep emotional connections and intimacy, so use this time to strengthen bonds with loved ones. Have heart-to-heart conversations, practice active listening, and offer support to those in need.

Need more inspiration? Download the April Full Moon Guide.

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