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How do you make time for magick?

By seeing the magick in everything! I know, I know, easier said than done but it really is that simple! Magick is everywhere and in everything. Meaning you can find it everywhere, anytime, in anything :) If you are looking to incorporate magick more into your day or mundane lifestyle, here is a list of magickal mundane activities that you are already doing that you just need to add a little magick too ;)

  • Cook with intention. Add lemongrass to enhance physic abilities. I like to do this on sauteed potatoes.

  • Spice up your cleaning supplies… literally, add herbs and spices. Use moon water in your wash bucket, add lavender to your windex, etc

  • Talk to your plants. Hopefully you are watering the ones that need watering everyday but check in on everybody.

  • Play your favorite witchy playlist and get stuff done around the house. In other words, dance around naked and enjoy it!

  • Use your shower to cleanse. Let the stress wash away or feel the water refresh you before your day begins.

  • Pick out jewelry with an intention of what you need. Come on. We all have that feel good jewelry item that either makes us feel like a boss as bitch, sexy bitch, classy bitch, etc. Set intention to your jewelry.

  • Place sigils on your jewelry, in your wallet, on your mirror, etc. Sigils are powerful. Check out my post on sigil magick to learn about different ways of using sigils. Sigil Magick

  • Stir your tea and/or coffee with intention. This is my favorite and usually go with my gut the morning of to determine my intention unless I have a dedicated focus for the day.

What are ways you incorporate magick into your everyday life?

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