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Exploring the Link Between Play and Mental Healing

As witches and magical practitioners, we know the power of words - from spellwork to affirmations. But when you're facing difficult times, it can be hard for your energy and mood to rise. If that sounds familiar, then don't worry - today I'm going to introduce you to a different kind of 'magical' practice: playing! With its playful tones and promise of adventure, play is an incredibly effective way of boosting your mental health while still being true to your craft. Through exploring the four aspects of play (body language & gestures, games & activities, storytelling & imagination), we'll gain understanding on how they help us face our everyday struggles in a new light. So if you've been feeling overwhelmed or uninspired lately, come join me and discover how introducing play into your life can lead to profound healing effects — all while embracing the magic within!

Play - What is it, and what are its benefits?

Play is an incredibly powerful form of self-care and can have a profound impact on our mental health. It is a way to express how we feel and to explore different possibilities, taking us on an adventure of self-discovery. Although play is often seen as something only for children, we can also benefit from it as adults. By engaging in play, we are able to release built up stress and tension, express ourselves more freely, and connect with our inner selves.

The Physical & Mental Benefits of Play

Not only does play have the potential to help us relax and unwind, but it has also been shown to have a range of physical benefits as well. When we engage in activities and games, our brains releases endorphins - the "feel-good" hormones - which can help us to feel happier and more content. Additionally, playing helps us to improve our memory and cognitive functioning, allowing us to perform better in daily tasks. Finally, it can also help with physical health by increasing flexibility, coordination, and balance.

The Magical Benefits of Play

But play isn't just beneficial for our physical and mental health - it also has its own unique magical properties too! As witches, we understand the power of energy, ritual, and intention. But when we add a playful element to our work, it can help to shift our energy and open us up to a more creative way of thinking. Play can give us permission to explore our innermost thoughts and feelings, enabling us to gain clarity on issues that have previously been difficult to tackle. It can also help us feel connected with the natural world around us, helping us feel more grounded and in tune with the environment.

So if you've been feeling a little down or unmotivated lately, try adding some play into your life! From playing with miniature figures to creating stories and imaginary worlds, there are so many different ways you can use play to bring more joy and healing into your life. And by incorporating these playful elements into your craft, you will be able to take advantage of its magical properties and embrace the power of play in your daily life.

Happy playing! :)

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