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Blessing Moon Water

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Blessing water is a metaphysical practice that was very popular in the late 1800's and early 1900's when people gathered together to celebrate esbats and do magickal work.

Blessing water is basically an act to set the intention that the water has healing properties for whatever you bless it with. Witches bless a huge variety of things, even their pets, but blessed water is the easiest and most commonly used item because you can carry it in a spray bottle!

Blessing oil is great for anointing candles, talismans or your body, but this post will focus on moon water. Moon water can be used in spells just like any other kind of water. It's nice to have around because it has a very pure metaphysical energy that feels wonderful when you're working with the moon.

Regardless of the particular magickal practice you're doing, blessing water is a wonderful way to give thanks and recognition to Mother Nature and all that she provides us with.

Different Times to Bless Moon Water

Blessing Water in the New Moon Phase:

At the new moon, gather your items and set your intention. You can place crystals in the water or simply visualize them being there. Think about how much you appreciate all of nature's gifts to us, especially water which is essential for life... without it we would die! Think about this and try to put your gratitude into the water. Take a moment to really feel your gratitude in your heart and send it out into the world, then bless the water and thank Mother Nature for everything that she gives you!

Blessing Water at the Full Moon:

There are many different ways to bless water during a full moon, some people simply add some salt and allow it to absorb the energy as it evaporates over time. I like to put my water onto a chalice and then wave my wand or athame around it 9 times with intention that it has been blessed by the energy of the full moon and is now ready to be used in magick.

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Using Your Blessed Moon Water

Drinking it

I'm sure this isn't news to anyone but drinking moon water will help change your life! Drinking blessed water is probably the most potent means of ingesting magick because it is carrying with it your intention to heal. Drinking moon water will bring you the powers that are associated with the moon -- intuition, healing, psychic abilities, etc.

Blessed saltwater

It's basically just adding a pinch of salt to water and invoking blessings upon it for purification, cleansing and protection.


It's also possible to just allow the water to evaporate over time or soak into a cotton ball so that you can bathe in it. This is very powerful for manifesting magickal goals because it comes from the energy of the moon -- this would be great for working with beauty, fertility or anything that you want to bring into your life quickly. Check out the sabbat and monthly full moon guides for ritual bathing recipes.

Spraying it around the house

This is very similar to using blessed saltwater except you are adding the energy of the moon's power wherever you use it. Just keep in mind that this water can also be used as a psychic cleanser so drawing out negativity before bed or even having it handy to spray over self before doing readings can help to keep you calm and centered.

There are so many ways to use moon water, and it's such a powerful tool for any magickal practitioner. Just remember to be grateful for all that Mother Nature gives us and to put our positive intentions into the water before using it!

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