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5 Witchy Finds Under $10 On Amazon

Of course, I am a big advocate for shopping local and small businesses as much as possible! I encourage everyone to go out and find their local business and support them! Now, as a budget witch, I look for ways to get creative and find deals. Amazon is a great resource to finding deals and if you dig deep enough into the abyss of Amazon you can find all sorts of witchy deals! Here are some of my personal favorites.

1. Cast Iron Cauldron - Small, sturdy and travel friendly ;)

2. Morter and Pestle - found this beauty and it is perfect for simple around the house herb and spell magick. Not ideal if you are looking to make batches of herbs. It's a cute fit inside your palm size but at the price of $8.49 it is absolutely perfect for the everyday witch.

3. Altar Cloth- I'll let the picture speak for me. Isn't that just beautiful?! It's the perfect size and you could also use it for your tarot cards if you wanted to.

4. Chalice - picking your chalice is an each to there own pick and Amazon has a ton of oh pretty! But oh pretty and affordable not so much. I found this and have it on my wish list. It's absolutely magickal! Not into unicorns? Here is a pretty rad skull goblet

5. CANDLES!!!! - 20 Assorted Candles for $8.99!

Other great candle finds! Because let's be real… a witch can never have too many candles.

What are your favorite witchy finds on Amazon? Share below. Also, check out our Facebook group "Witches Gifting and Uplifting Witches" We are a community of witches who are here to empower, uplift, and bless other witches through positivity and gifting. We send and sometimes receive gifts from our witchy Amazon wishlists.

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