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3 Ways to Celebrate Imbolc

Haven't heard of Imbolc? Better get your research on! It's also called Oimelech, Brigid's Day, Candlemas, the Feast of St. Bridget , and the Feast of Candles. No matter what you call it, Imbolc is a great holiday to celebrate! Imbolc falls on February 1st. Here's some ideas for how to celebrate.

3 Ways To Celebrate Imbolc:

1) Chill With Your Friends

Human beings have been celebrating winter in the Northern Hemisphere since the beginning of time. Come out with your besties and enjoy a cozy night together! Whether it be in a mansion or your friend's parents' cabin, Imbolc is the perfect opportunity to get cozied up. Watch movies, eat food, craft things, drink cocoa…you name it!

2) Show Your Flame For Divinity

Light candles and say prayers to your favorite Goddess, or God. I like to place a white candle in front of my altar as a symbol for illumination and new beginnings. Just remember to never leave any candles unattended!

3) Rejoice In The Raw

Eat some chocolate and wear some flowers, it's the perfect opportunity to celebrate! Have a Celtic feast with your family or friends. You can even make a meal together and celebrate as a group!

Want to learn more about Imbolc and how to celebrate? Get the complete guide to Imbolc.

More About Imbolc

Imbolc is the halfway point between the winter solstice and spring equinox. This leads us to believe Imbolc was originally a holiday marking mid-winter…but it's also celebrated as the beginning of spring.

Happy Imbolc from my household to yours! May the sun shine brightly on you all during this month and especially during this holiday.

-Ashianna Smith

Join us on 13 Moons to celebrate Imbolc with a seed blessing as we prepare for spring.

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