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A monthly subscription to connect with the energies of the crossroads and practice magickal rituals. If you found you're way here, I know you are looking for:

  • A connection to the energies of the crossroads

  • Guidance on your magickal journey

  • Opportunities to explore and learn more about the mysteries of divinity

  • A vibrant, harmonious community

Our membership also provides access to monthly Q&As with experienced practitioners, sabbat guides, and more.

  • Power and insight into yourself and the magickal offerings of the crossroads and where they intersect with your life. 

  • A spiritual practice, with simple and powerful rituals to celebrate each sabbat and full and a space to deepen your understanding of the power of the divine.

  • Build your intuition and magickal skills by exploring your inner and outer magickal landscapes.

  • A foundation to practice, grow and foster your own spiritual path. 

  • Access to a global network of crossroad witches and practitioners who are dedicated to learning, growing, and sharing their knowledge.

Each month, we offer dedicated rituals, sabbat guides, and special events to initiate you into the magick of the crossroads. We also provide live Q&As with experienced practitioners, opportunities to connect with our global community of witches, and an on-going circle of support.

You get:

  • Access to a global network of crossroad witches

  • Monthly live and recorded rituals for the full moon and/or sabbat

  • Connection to experienced practitioners through live Q&As

  • Monthly downloadable pdf guide featuring spells, rituals, recipes and more

  • Guided self-initiation and dedication into the magick of the crossroads

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  1. Subscribe to 13 Moons, here 

  2. Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll immediately have access to the exclusive 13 moons membership pages here. Guides and events are updated on a monthly basis and exclusive content is posted weekly on the blog.

  3. Come introduce yourself. We have our own community right here on the website. Connect with other witches and share your experiences. We are all here to learn.

  4. Sign up for your first lesson. There are a variety of lessons available to you  to help with understanding the basics of magick and how to access the power of the crossroads.

  5. Cancel anytime.  We know you are busy and don’t want to commit to something long term. You can cancel your subscription at any time without penalty.

Welcome to 13 Moons

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The Magick 13 Moons Brings

What You Receive Each Month

How it Works

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