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Introduction Courses

Intro Crossroads Witchcraft 

Intro to Graveyard Dirt

A Year and a Day

A journey to finding and understanding your spiritual path. This course is designed for witches who are just starting their journey and are seeking to become a dedicant with the House of Witchcraft.

Advanced Courses

Mojo Bags - complete series of over 50 workings done in real-time for you to follow along. Partnered with Bag Yo' Mojo book. 


Join our virtual coven as a first-year student or dedicant and participate with other witches from around the globe. (This will be a the membership subscription services with tries. 

  1. Access to a year and a day resources

  2. Monthly spiritual guidance with HP Taren S. 

  3. Connect with other witches in real-time

  4. Participate in rituals and spellwork 

  5. Receive aid and guidance in creating your workings and spells.

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