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Witchy Wednesday 08/24

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Welcome to another Witchy Activity Wednesday! Every week, we post a new witchy activity for you to try out. This can be anything from writing prompts and spells, to rituals and meditations. Our goal is to provide you with some fun and easy ways to stay connected to your spirituality, and to help you on your witchy journey!

This week's activity is about working with herbs. Herbs are a great way to add some extra magic to your life, and they can be used in all sorts of ways. You can use them in spells and rituals, make herbal teas or tinctures, or even just keep them around for their energetic properties.

How to start working with herbs:

1) Open your kitchen cupboards and take a look at the herbs and spices you already have. You might be surprised at how many magical herbs are already in your home!

2) Explore around your home or neighborhood for wild herbs. Check the out the app "Plantsnap" to help you identify them.

3) Visit your local herb store or farmer's market. This is a great place to find fresh and dried herbs, as well as other witchy supplies.

4) Start small and simple. Don't try to tackle too much at once. Pick one or two herbs that you're drawn to, and experiment with them.

5) Keep a notebook or journal to record your experiences. This is a great way to keep track of what works for you, and what doesn't.

Have fun and enjoy your journey working with herbs.

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