Magickal Power Words

Witch, Wiccan, Christian Mystic, Hoodoo Practitioner- all use words of power

Published- The Magickal Times mag- Beltaine Edition 26

“Amen said three times means ‘sumthen” (something), she said with deep faith and conviction. That type of conviction that you know ain’t changing for nobody, no way. Myrtle Beach Lady is her shop name at the botanica (magick shop) I worked at in a small southern town in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. All the regular clients get some expressive name from the Haitian Voodoo Priest who owns the shop.

She is a deeply respected local root woman or conjurer that always adds to the lively conversations to be found on some afternoons in the shop. When MB Lady sits down at the counter to make herself comfortable, I know we are definitely going to hear her opinion on the subject at hand.

“I know you Witchery”, she directed at me while pulling out a stool to sit on in front of the counter. My types are called Witchery around here. Ours is a blend of European and local folk magick. That, and we like to wear a pointy black hat. I like to think of us as Hoodoo Witchery, but that is another subject. Back to Myrtle Beach Lady, who is almost irritated I had asked why she said “Amen” three times at the end of all her magickal workings.

“Just wondering and wanting to understand”, I smiled bravely at her. MB Lady does “Jesus magick” and I was very curious about this. Over a course of many years, we had built a friendship based around respect, and a few shots of rum. She performed faith healing, brewed love potions and knew hot foot powder was the best way to move someone along. She also went to a small southern African Baptist Church. Some Baptist don’t even play bingo cuz that is gambling and gambling is sinning. The only reason she will sip a little rum at the shop is because that is for the Spirits and nobody here knows her real name. She can walk out of the shop into her world and leave the magick in the shadows for those of us in the know.

“You got your words and I got mine”, she shot back at me, which is a very true statement. My magick is wrapped in Divine Femininity at its’ core. For me, it is always about the Goddess. For MB Lady it is always about Jesus. Bit by magickal bit, she revealed to me her belief in the magick found in the Bible. Stories of regular folks doing amazing, mystical, magickal acts. She always nodded knowingly while telling me the secret is “Faith, absolute unshakeable faith”. Just like the air you breathe, she would say.

“And we both stand in the magick together”, I nodded back at her causing a big smile to reveal itself on a warm honey-hued face. MB Lady and I understand that each path to Divinity and magick is a personal one that we all must walk. I know the Goddess and MB Lady knows Jesus and we both know magick. We respect our differences and celebrate our unity.

“Yes, we do”, she said with a little mock side-eye. Building upon a few secrets we have shared, we will occasionally joke with each other about some of life’s or the Haitian Priest’s eccentric ways. Ours had become a solid friendship.

“Can I wear my black hat?” I added, relieved her tone had lightened.

“Oh Lordy, Witchery, I guess but I am wearing one of my best Sunday hats”, she quickly quipped back causing me to break out in laughter.

“God knows you.” She nodded approvingly.

“Yes, She does.” I agreed.

MB Lady left and the shop got quiet to leave me with my thoughts. I started to realize that most of the magickal folks that come to shop have a special word(s) that are magickal activators strengthening their personal workings. We all have magickal words.

Magickal mystical words and sounds have been used probably before recorded time. What we do know is that from the earliest archaeological and anthropological findings, magickal text and scripts have been found in every civilization. Within many of the ancient magical texts and grimoires are directions for vibrating words or sounds aloud that have a magickal intent purpose.

Vibrating Word/s- is activating the magick that is already embedded into the word. Every time someone vibrates a magickal word they are adding more energy into the word. Think about that. How powerful does a word become after being used magickally for thousands of years?

Based on the botanica’s clients that are a fair representation of common magickal systems, here are 5 magickal mystical word(s) and their meanings.

Amen-Ashe-Blessed Be-Ayibobo-Evo


Amen means “Believable” in Hebrew. Unbelievable = Lo ya’amen (literally translated-not to be believed). The word “amen” is from this family and from the root word “belief” which in Hebrew is “Emuna”. All these words are used in the Hebrew Bible.

“Finally, we may note that the word “Amen” occurs in gnostic spells.. especially of Egyptian origin, and a sort of magickal efficacy seems to have been attributed to this word.. The practice of answering “Amen” at the end of prayers appears in the Canons of Hippolytus (No. 146) and in the Egyptian Church Order (p. 101).”

– New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia Thurston, Herbert. “Amen.” The Catholic Encyclopedia. Vol. 1. New York: Robert Appleton Company, 1907.

“It is common to end a discourse on spiritual matters, (or end a prayer) with (the word) “Amen”. Few of us realize that the word ‘Amen’ is an Egyptian word. It refers to the Egyptian god of Thebes, Amon-Ra. The Hebrews adopted the word and it passed into Christian use as “Amen”. It is a petition for (the god – Amen) to fulfill our words.”

– Mystic Gifts From Ancient Egypt By Dr John Palo; 1999

Egyptian magickal roots are global and start in pre-history. We don’t know where they got some of the knowledge but we know it came from earlier folks. Due to trade, conquest and immigrants, knowledge was exchanged/gained.


Ashe (Yoruba) Ase (or às̩e̩ or ashe) is a West African philosophical concept through which the Yoruba of Nigeria conceive the power to make things happen and produce change.


ASHE (pron. Ash-ay): Usually said in Tambiko or Libation ceremonies which means, “So let it be”

“We speak things into existence. Speak your power & become it. We are the All in All. Our power is within us.”

-Chief Yagbe Awolowo Onilu, Yoruba Tradition Keeper

Blessed Be

While Wicca is a newer religion, many of its terms and rituals are rooted in Thelema, ceremonial magick, and Hermetic mysticism. As such, it’s not surprising the phrase “Blessed be” appears in other places long before Gerald Gardner incorporated them into his original Book of Shadows.

“It's typically used as either a greeting or a farewell, much like the Christian "God Bless You," Islam's "Salaam", the Jewish "Shalom", or Buddhism "Namaste"…it's often understood as shorthand for "May You Be Blessed By The Goddess," as it appears in the long version of the Wiccan Rede, but it's origins lie in the Gardnerian tradition's Five Fold Kiss ritual.”


Ayibobo is one spelling of a Haitian Creole word that means "amen" or "hallelujah".

“The term appears to be related to the Ewe-Dahomean expression, awobobo, which is a term used to show approval and encouragement. Perhaps this Dahomean term comes from the Nago word Awo, meaning mysteries and the Ewe Dahomean word bo meaning power. Bobo means more power. Doubling the word adds emphasis. …It appears that the Ewe-Dahomean people use the term awobobo in the same manner that we use Ayibobo.”



Used in ceremonial magick as a trinity word. Evo Evo Evo meaning-Behold

-Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Henry Cornelius Agrippea, 1553

Now when MB Lady returns to the shop, I can tell her a little more about all the branches on the tree of magick that I have now revealed. We are all truly connected and yet different. When respect, honor, and reverence as are our guiding factors we can, and will all grow.

Taren S

Author, “Hoodoo in the Psalms”, Moon Book Publishing Co.- a 21st century grimoire for the magickal uses of the Psalms.

Taren S stood in her first magickal circle at 17 yrs. old in the backwoods of North Carolina. She was initiated High Priestess within American Witchcraft in 1995. For over a decade, she worked at a Haitian Voodoo Priest’s botanica (magick shop) as a spiritual counselor and professional tarot card reader. Furthering her magickal and spiritual path, she was initiated as a Mama Bridget within American Voodoo/Hoodoo in 2011.


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