21st Century Witchcraft in a Quarantined World - Embracing Virtual Magick

This last full moon the coven got together… virtually! I know, strange but honestly it was wonderful! To be with my brothers and sisters under the full moonlight even though I stood center in my circle with technology beside me. Strangely beautiful, but modern. It’s honestly unlike anything I have ever done or experienced, but I am so glad the coven was able to come together during this time of isolation. Living in Southern California not many people are used to that so it’s had its toll on a couple of the witches here at the cottage. But I am proud of what we have been able to do to support each other and stay connected. Here is what we are doing and what you can do to:

  1. Host virtual witch school - To keep our studies going we decided to host a virtual witch school! We have writing prompts (here’s this month's writing prompts) that we are working on for the week or the month. It’s self-paced you do you boo magick. If you want to participate with us join our coven’s Patreon.

  2. Create a group chat or community page - WhatsApp has proven to be amazing countless times and it has a mute notification mute if it gets too overwhelming and let me tell you for our group I have gone to bed and woken up “missing” out on 200+ text messages. What can I say we are a pretty active group! Check out our Facebook Community Page if you want to connect.

  3. Host a ritual via Zoom or video conferencing app - It’s amazing how you can stand with your moon brothers and sisters with today’s current situation using technology. I know that it can seem a bit controversial but as someone who has been able to experience it let me tell you… it works and it’s just as magickal! So get your witch friends together and use a video conferencing app. Zoom is awesome. Hangouts is another great tool. I believe Google Hangouts is free and zoom has a free option but you can only host for 40 mins which for our group was not long enough haha.

  4. Check out the YouTube witch community - We have a great YouTube Channel with awesome content but there are also many many other amazing and creative YouTube channels for witches. Check us out at www.YouTube.com/c/houseofwitchcraft and check out these other amazing channels:

She who walks between worlds


Palm Tree Bewitchery

Autumn Stormcaller

Willow Night Owl

Magick from the Dust

The Deviant Witch

I hope you find these tips helpful during these uncertain times and remember if you are looking for a community of witches, the House of Witchcraft is there for you.

Wishing you bright and healing blessings.

Taren S.

High Priestess of the House of Witchcraft


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