13 Successful Witch Habits to Practice

13 Successful Witch Habits to Practice

Repetition is key to building and sustaining anything. Doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. If you repeatedly do it, it becomes a habit whether you want it to be one or not. Here are 13 Successful WItch Habits to Practice to become and continue to the best witch you can be.

1. Thank the spirits, divinity and/ or your ancestors.

Whether it’s hanging your head out the car window on a beautiful day and whispering “thank you” into the wind or setting up a special altar to a deity that you connect with the most. It’s important to always show appreciation for your blessings and your lessons. Blessings deserve recognition…. Especially if you want those blessings to continue. Just saying.

2. Practice on a regular basis.

We get stronger and better with practice and if we aren’t practicing on a regular basis, then we aren’t growing or learning. Take time to connect and practice your craft.

3. Combine magick into your everyday routine.

It can be as simple as adding moon water to your morning coffee or tea. Or chanting a grounding spell while you put on your jewelry for the day. There are always little ways to put your magick into your everyday routine. I personally like to stir my coffee with a daily intention. Follow the House of Witchcraft Instagram page for mantra and intentions https://www.instagram.com/houseofwitchcraft/

4. Cleanse regularly.

Let’s be real, life gets messy. We met interesting people that turned out not to be so good and they walked through our house. Well it’s important to cleanse and move that on out! Grab your brooms ladies. It’s time to clean house!

5. Work your magick.

You can’t ask for something to change but do nothing to change it. When you practice magick you also have to practice the change you seek. Think of it like this. You don’t do a spell for a new job but don’t go looking for one. You have to work your magick as well.

6. Dust your altar.

No work is getting done if your altar is dusty. And trust me, I get it, life gets busy and before we know it our altar becomes a bit of a mess. Clean it up. The spirits will thank you.

7. Plant some herbs.

Although not for everyone, this is a great way to connect to divinity. Plus, who couldn’t use some fresh herbs? You’d be quite surprised how rewarding planting herbs or taking care of any plant for that matter is very magickally rewarding. You are caring for life in one of it’s most basic forms plus getting the benefit of some herbs :)

8. Acknowledge the moon.

Come on! You can’t expect to be a witch and not look up at the moon and just be wowed! That’s all I will say about that.

9. Practice patience.

9 times out of 10 your spell is working, you’re just not allowing it to work. Meaning you aren’t being patient and allowing the results to come. Successful witches are patient. And most of them are patient because they learned the hard way. Take it from a witch that has learned the hard way and start practicing patience. As the saying goes, “Just because it’s not working, doesn’t mean it’s not working.”

10. Go outside your comfort zone.

This is probably the most important. How can we grow if we don’t go outside of our comfort zone? How can we learn anything? So whether it’s eating something you’ve never eaten before or trying a spell from a different practice, do it! Try it out! You will either love, like or hate it. At least you learned something new.

11. Sprinkle a bit of magick into your cooking.

This one is probably my personal favorite. I love adding rosemary to my cooking to keep love alive in my house. It’s simple but effective. Try adding different herbs to your cooking for magickal effects. (I will write more about this in a future post, and a video will be uploaded to our YouTube channel. Check it out: www.youtube.com/c/houseofwitchcraft)

12. Start a Book of Shadows or magickal journal.

Okay, complete transparency here. I am the worst about keeping up with my Book of Shadows (BOS). I have bits and pieces of spells/workings on napkins and notepads across my house. It’s not the best practice and is a BAD habit. It’s bad because it’s important to document your spells and workings for several reasons. One of them being undoing a spell or working. In order to do that you kinda need to know what you did in the first place...

13. Do you bo

Look, there are a million +1 ways to do one thing and just because I do differently doesn’t mean I am doing it wrong. So, do you bo. Do what feels right to you. Only you know what that feels like. If in your heart and in your gut you know what you are doing is the most amazing thing you could possibly do, then do it, sweetie! Ignore the hater and do you!

I hope you enjoyed! Share your favorite habits below and be sure to stop by the House of Witchcraft YouTube for more exciting content. www.youtube.com/c/houseofwitchcraft


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