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10 Wonderful Witchy Yule Gifts

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, but often the gifts we give to our loved ones aren't personal enough. It's easy to go to a store and buy a generic gift card or a box of chocolates, but those types of presents lack any sort of thought put into them. With Yule fast approaching, now is the time to think about what witchy and coven gifts you will be giving the witches in your life.

If you're looking for last minute gift ideas, we've got a few suggestions on witchy Yule presents that are sure to please any pagan or wiccan. Have these items shipped to your front door with Amazon Prime!

1.) Jars of Magick

Jars have endless options for us as witches. Gifting us an empty jar makes us happy but if you are feeling extra craft, fill a jar up with some magickal goodies or blessings. You can fill the jar up with: dirt, moon water, stones, herbs, roots, and/or other ingredients. You know a witch loves a good jar of dirt.

2.) The Crossroad Witch Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are all the rage these days, so why not gift your favorite witch-in-training with this beautifully illustrated one? This book has 30+ unique designs to color. Your best friend who just went through an initiation will love receiving this thoughtful Yule gift.

3.) Candles!

On this I do highly recommend going to a small business for. Creations from the Hallow has an amazing selection and is amazing at shipping within 24 hours of ordering. Check her out here: and Amazon has lots of candles available.

4.) Journals

Let's be real, a witch can never have to many journals. Check out the various journals we have available on Amazon - and of course there are many many other journals available.

Hardbound are available on the house of witchcraft shop. Order by Dec. 8th to receive by Christmas.

5.) Bells, For protection of course!

The perfect inconspicuous gift. From windchimes to handheld bells, these make a wonderful gift for your witch family. You can find a wonderful selection of bells on Amazon but also check out your local thrift stores and garden shops.



Was able to get for $12.99 using their provided coupon :)

6.) A Coven Shirt(s)

Head over to the House of Witchcraft shop for Witchy T-Shirts and use coupon code YULETIDE or shop our store on Amazon for faster shipping.

7.) Fun witchy décor

There are a lot of various tapestries and signs available through Amazon. From tarot cards to fun witchy sayings. But there are also really cool shelves. Here are some cute affordable witchy décor options.

Cute way to turn the magick up in any room and you can get creative with how to lay it out. You can go left to right, up and down, spaced out, etc. Fun and cute.

I think this would actually be a fun simple craft to do as well but I understand the pit of DIY enough to go I'll just buy it haha

8.) Kitchen Herbs and Seeds!

I think it's safe to say that every witch tries to grow their own herbs so you can't go wrong with this gift either. Whether you get them a fresh bag of herbs, kitchen seasoning or seeds to grow their own they will be grateful. If the gift is for the green/plant witch in your life find a cool flower pot or head over to Lowes and buy a plain clay one and decorate it.

Here is pretty cool gift idea:

They have herb and flower options.

Now run up to your local Aldi's or wine store and get you a bottle(s) of wine for yourself and gift the plants to friends :) I think I am going to do this. Note: requires dark bottles.

and for the witch that kills plants check this out:

Apply the $10 coupon and it's $9.99!

Hopefully they can keep this one alive.

9.) Tea and tea accessories

Must I really say any more to this. Witches love tea, most do. And amazon does have a good selection of small business, organic teas and tea accessories. I do highly suggest finding your local tea store for the best selection and to just in general shop locally.

A really cool intention setting spoon - yeah I ordered these :)

I ordered an even bigger variety pack to make gift to the witches here at the cottage...shh don't tell them.

These are the perfect intention / manifestation spoons. I just love them!

10.) Kitchen Accessories

I found these a while ago and gifted them. They absolutely loved them so 10/10 recommend.

Engraved Bamboo Spoons - $12.95

Aren't these just adorable?! Include a cute little recipe card and some seasoning and boom another great witchy gift.

Additional Ideas:

A Witchy Calendar / Planner

Fun mug



Affirmation Cards

A stick and a personal story on how you found the stick

And there you have it all sorts of witchy amazon finds for your witchy friends or send this list to your partner to help them out. I hope you find this list of Witchy Yule gifts for friends and coven members helpful. May you all have a wonderful and bright Yule.

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