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House of Witchcraft at Mystic South

We're going to Mystic South! Come be a part of the magic learning theory, practice and play!


Come meet Taren in person!

Friday, July 26 @ 2:30 pm - Devil at the Crossroads:

Crossroads are perpetually shifting and dynamic, recognized as powerful junctures where the realms of the living and the Spirit converge, belonging to both everyone and no one. Across various cultures, crossroads hold associations with magic and witchcraft, linked to entities such as Hecate, Mercury, Ellegua, Papa Legba, St. Peter, and The Devil. Known also as the Black or Dark Man, the Devil at the Crossroads is not the biblical mortal threat, but rather a spirit that may aid those practicing magic and others. The most renowned and often misunderstood Crossroads ritual involves meeting the Devil at the Crossroads to acquire expertise and proficiency in a specific pursuit. This magical ritual and its execution will be the focus of our discussion.

Sunday, July 28 @ 8 am - Book of Psalms:

Historically, the Book of Psalms has been regarded as a potent source of magic and spiritual guidance. It has been utilized across a broad spectrum of cultures and magical traditions. Many practitioners of traditional witchcraft view the Book of Psalms as the Bible's spell book. The Book of Psalms, as a magical text, boasts a long-standing history of use by those in the magical arts. Practitioners have recited its verses for a variety of intentions, including protection, healing, prosperity, and divination. Additionally, the Psalms are frequently incorporated into other magical practices, such as candle spells, talismans, and sigil magic.

House of Witchcraft Hospitality

Thurseday, July 25 @ 8 pm - 10 pm -

Casual Witchy Chat:

Come sit, chat, and chill with the witches of the House of Witchcraft in casual magickal chats!


Saturday, July 27 @ 4 pm - 6 pm -

Moon Book Author Signings:

Six fabulous Moon Books authors invite you to join us for social time, refreshments, and book signings! Come hang out with Pauline Breen, Morgan Daimler, Mark NeCamp, Laura Perry, Taren S. and Daniela Simina. Show up any time during the event to chat, get your book(s) signed, and have a good time with your fellow magical people!

Step into a realm where magick and music intertwine, where spells are cast through dance and enchantment fills the air. Join us at the House of Witchcraft Secret Dance Party, an immersive experience like no other, happening at the Mystic South 2024 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Friday, July 26 @ 10 pm - Midnight!

Location: Seek out the whispers of magick and follow the trail of moonlight. Look for witch Anya, the keeper of secrets and guardian of the dance floor. She will be your guide, offering the first hint to unlock the mysteries of the Secret Dance Party.

Prepare to lose yourself in the rhythm of the night as we dance to tracks that pulse with energy and mystique. Dance with us together and let the music cast its spell, as you mingle with fellow witches, wizards, and seekers of the unknown.

Attire: Embrace your inner magickal self and don your most bewitching attire. Whether you cloak yourself in velvet robes, adorn yourself with celestial jewelry, or don your favorite witchy hat, let your style reflect the magick within.

Entry: Access to the House of Witchcraft Secret Dance Party is granted only to those who are brave enough to seek it out. Keep your senses attuned to the whispers of the night and the guidance of Anya, and you shall find your way.

Join us for a night of mystery, magic, and mayhem at the House of Witchcraft Secret Dance Party. Unleash your inner power and dance until dawn as we weave our spells together in celebration of the arcane.

Are you ready to join the dance? The spirits beckon, and the night awaits.

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