How to Join

Come to a min. of 3 events at the Cottage (check out meetup) or House of Witchcraft virtual events.  Read the House of Witchcraft membership guidelines. Schedule a private meeting to discuss your Dedication/Rite of Beginning.


First Year and a Day

Each Witch’s path is unique, special and personal.  For some, this first year and a day is spent in personal exploration in a Traditional coven environment, while others will want to start working on First Degree commitments and knowledge.  With counsel, you will decide which is best for you.  The right way is your way.



House of Witchcraft uses a traditional 3 Degree System for a way of gauging knowledge and experience.

At First Degree, we give you back to yourself. 

At Second Degree, we give you back to the community.

Third Degree, we give you back to the Gods.

(First Degree folks work on their personal knowledge base.  Second Degree folks expand to understanding more about the workings of the magickal world at large.  Third Degree folks stand center a sacred or magickal space and pick up garbage after everyone has left.)


We are an open teaching tradition that encourages hive offs and journeys of self-discoveries.  Our Inner Court members take only vows to themselves and their personal relationship with Divinity.  Legacy is our main focus; not what we are given but what we leave behind.


In the shadows we do stand,

We are the hope of the land.

The Universe is in our keep,

Her mysteries are ours seek.

Live your life in the here and now,

Remembering honor is a Witch’s vow.

The circle is cast, we are between worlds, in the space that knows no time.  Be brave and part the veil, for now is your time to walk through.