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LEMYKA is a team of skincare professionals who deliver more than natural products for your skin. We have listened to customer feedback and then perfected our products to meet those needs. Our products use innovative technologies to ensure they are non-greasy, lightweight, soothing, and extremely effective, especially with consistent use. These advanced formulas allow us to create products that transform your skin without fear of any side effects, We have comprehensive knowledge of eczema and other common skincare issues, and are highly skilled at creating products that meet specific needs. Our integrated approach to treat eczema and other conditions yields comprehensive solutions to solve even the most complex skin issues.


We only formulate with all natural, clean ingredients to ensure the safety and purity of our products. Powerful plant-based ingredients including aloe vera, calendula, shea, tea, and sea kelp have incredible benefits when they are used correctly in topical products. Here at LEMYKA our team is highly educated in the skin science and optimizes each and every ingredient so that you see dramatic results without any unwanted side effects from harsh chemicals and medications.


LEMYKA is dedicated to the health of our environment. We ensure that all of our packaging is recyclable and free of unnecessary waste. Our natural formulas prevent unwanted chemicals from contaminating the water. We are also vegan friendly and cruelty free!

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